Foreign orders is an online warehouse specialised in selling curtains, drapes and bed linens. We sell to commercial entities and institutions. Orders may be placed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. If you want to sell Flying products, register!

Minimum order value is PLN 500.

What does the purchase process look like?


Creating an account and registration.

  • To order products in our store, set up an account and register in our system, and provide the necessary data.

  • A registered Customer can track the status of their orders and view previous orders and discounts granted.


Selecting products and payment method.

  • The Customer selects products, , adds them to the cart, and assembles the order.

  • Next, he or she selects the payment method and shipment method.

For foreign orders, we accept only one payment method – PREPAYMENT.

  • After accepting the store terms and conditions, the Customer places the order.


Order acceptance and execution.

  • An accepted order is assigned for execution.

Once an order is placed, the Customer may not make any changes.

  • We check the availability of the goods ordered by the Customer.*

  • We assemble the order, issue the invoice and send it to the Customer to be paid. The Customer may select the currency (PLN, EUR).

Foreign entities that place orders in the system are obligated to provide their full VAT invoicing details during the registration process.

  • We wait for the bank transfer.

  • Once the funds are credited to our account, we send the ordered products.

*All goods sold in the online store are available. However, it may occur in exceptional situations, that multiple Customers place orders for the same products at the same time, and they are no longer available. We then promptly notify the Customers about the situation and suggest the best solution. If the value of the order following assembly does not exceed the logistical minimum value, we may cancel the order and notify the Customer about this fact.



  • All ordered goods are shipped to the address provided in the order.

Shipments to Customers are handled by the courier company GLS.
Shipment cost is calculated when the order is placed.
Parcels may also be collected from our storage by a courier ordered by the Customer.

  • Once the parcel is collected by the courier, the Customer receives an e-mail with a shipment tracking link.

  • Waiting time is about 2-3 days from the moment the parcel is collected by the courier.

We make every effort to ensure that all products reach our Customers as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact us by calling 579 107 068 or sending an e-mail to